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Evolution Lacks Logic

“Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.” (Isaiah 43:26)

Logic can sometimes be a little difficult to follow without seeing pictures. But if we take this carefully, it should make sense. There is a type of logical sequence called a syllogism, where two Charkboard with Terms on itpremises are made, followed by a conclusion. The conclusion should be based on those premises. For example:

Premise 1: If it is raining, the streets are wet.

Premise 2: It is raining.

Conclusion: Therefore the streets are wet.

This is logically sound. But suppose we swapped the second premise and conclusion.

Premise 1: If it is raining, the streets are wet.

Premise 2: The streets are wet.

Conclusion: Therefore it is raining.

This is logically unsound. This is because there are other possible reasons why the streets might be wet, such as a burst hydrant. Now, here is a typical evolutionary syllogism, using comments about similar animal structures.

Premise 1: If evolution were true, we would expect to see similar skeletal structures in mammals.

Premise 2: We do find similar skeletal structures in mammals.

Conclusion: Therefore evolution is true.

The idea behind this syllogism is that many animals have five bone systems in their hands or front feet.

The syllogism is logically unsound because there are other reasons why there might be similar structures, the most obvious being that these similar structures were created by the same designer – God.

Notes: Ref: Encyclopaedia Britannica, < https://www.britannica.com/topic/syllogism >. Image: Adobe Stock photos, licensed to author.


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